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Today Was Hosted by The Lumineers

As an insecure extrovert, I spent my day completely alone and wearing barely any clothes, and here's what happened.

Some of my church go-ing followers (if I even have followers) are probably thinking "*gasp*! barely any clothes?! good gracious dear, you should go back to church".

I hear you, but that's not what it's like.

I hate spending time alone. I love people. And if I could, I would be around people constantly.

But I'm trying to learn how to be alone so that other people in my life who DO need their alone time, can actually have that without me smothering them to death.

Wow Anna, dramatic.


So here's my day in a nutshell.

I woke up wanting to stay in bed and mope all day because I didn't want to be alone all day.

But 10:30am rolled around and I decided that I was going to try and enjoy myself today.

So I went to church alone.

Now, like I said earlier. I hate being alone. But I've gone to church alone before. And it's not the worst …

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